Thursday, April 02, 2020

We have the technology that can take tons of pre-consumer cotton from manufacturers, re-spin and reweave it into new fabric that lives again as thick, soft towels.

By giving cotton new life, by regenerating the fiber and recycling perfectly good fabric into a great product, we re-harvest this precious crop and make cotton flower again.

Cotton Material - how do we do it?
1.) Scraps of cotton are separated into different contents. We ONLY use 100% cotton and, this is stared when we order the recycled cotton.
We then process the scraps by chopping / tearing and then continually separate the fabric and card into a yarn that can be processed for further spinning.
2.) This gets the yarn into a ready to spin form.
3.) The recycled yarn is then set up to be blended along with the 100% Virgin cotton and the 100% polyester, in a formulated process to yield a finished roll of 65% Virgin cotton / 10% poly and 25% recycled cotton) into a roll that is ready to be woven into towel fabric.

While cotton is a difficult crop, it is hardest on the people who work the fields in the developing world.

Our cotton is grown in the United States and recycled!